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Pie, Oh My!!

"Love at first bite!" This pie is SO delicious it brought back memories of lazy summer days... picnics; game nights; family gathering on front porch wicker, and a tire hanging from an old oak tree... Simpler times we savour now, more than ever. Imagine the flavor of 'joy'! That's what this pie tastes like to me. I'd never written a review, but I'd never had anything that inspired me to before recieving this pie at Christmas... The intense cherry, perfectly sweet and tart ~ what other pies aspire to! And everything we could all use a bit of these days. Try some for yourself, and have a: (1) slice of LOVE on your plate. (2) little taste of heaven. (3) Make new memories together. * Tho I was NOT paid to write this, I would definitely work, write, or barter for this pie!

Reviewed by Niki on March 27, 2020, 2:50 p.m. | Permalink

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