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Pack of 3 Pot Pie or Fruit Pie Minis

Pack of 3 Pot Pie or Fruit Pie Minis

$40.99 EA

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  Choose a 3 pack of 6"Chicken pot pies and you can even choose a mini fruit pie for dessert too.

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Customer Reviews

  1. mini pies

    The mini pies are great for a smaller amount of people. A good appetite could eat a mini pot pie or split it and serve with a green salad. The mini fruit pies are a great item to keep in the freezer. On a cold, snowy evening, take that wonderful little pie and cook for around 45-60 minutes and there you have it for a nice, sweet something before retiring to bed. I’ve cooked ahead of time and this little fruit pie was still warm, 3 hours following dinner. Taste is outstanding! Chicken pot pie has a mild blend of spices. I detect a little tarragon? Beef is also delicious with a pot roast great beef gravy. It’s 11:00 am where i’m at and this write up is making me hungry. Word to the wise: these pies are home made and filled with a buttery crust and NOT low calorie. These are special do purchase these pies for special occasions or guests! Next best to Grandma’s pie!

    Reviewed by Karen Elizabeth Phillipp on Feb. 4, 2021, 12:50 p.m. | Permalink

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